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Original words from Andrew Burt.


Since May 2023 the No Brains volunteer rebuild crew have put in 1,300+ hours on the “No Brains Trilogy”.


Not surprisingly, in amongst the mahi, there have been a lot of discussions about the perfect tool – and it turns out there isn’t one!




Most of the tools used are awesome, but the consensus is many tools are over engineered for the famous Rotorua Gold dirt….we definitely could get away with a lighter design as we do not have the rocks to contend with.


Over many days of joining together to build the new trail, further discussions, internet research, and user input, a smaller lighter all-round tool was conceptually developed. Rick Todd connected with Andre at Orca Engineering & Marine and voila! Two prototypes appeared – smaller and different weights for different uses.


tool of choice


Toni Fleming tested out the smaller version and a larger one was also produced for Rick to put through its paces. The first outing for both tools was 17th December and feedback is positive.




Over the following weeks the prototypes continued to be evaluated and any improvements and/or suggestions will go back to Orca for potential V.2 of the tool design.




Working with the volunteers and the expertise of our supporters at Orca Engineering & Marine has been an awesome collaboration which will mean improvements to the tools we use and also for the experience of those working to maintain the trails.


It is this spirit that continues to motivate and encourage those involved with the Trails Trust and all the volunteers and trail adopters.


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