Rotorua Trails Trust

Mountain Biking


Rotorua is famous around the globe for its world-class mountain bike trails.

With IMBA Gold Status being achieved in 2015, the highest rank possible, it falls on the Rotorua Trails Trust for the upkeep and development of the trail network.


The Trails Trust works closely with the various landowners, the Department of Conservation, Rotorua Lakes Council and forest managers in the district to improve the network. The Trails Trust assists with the coordination of the multitude of volunteers and volunteer working bees as well as the various off-road bike clubs to ensure the trails are the best they can be.


Rotorua Trails Trust is committed to further developing trail network in the wider region, especially trails that fill the few gaps in Rotorua's offer.

How you can help

  • Join and donate to the trust. The funds you donate help us to maintain the forest (donate here).

  • Join us for trail working bee. Follow our events on Facebook to see when the next one is happening.


Ride Rotorua is a local page that has some fantastic information on all of the mountain biking trails, including a description of each trail. 


For trail maps and more information about the trails check out:


We value public input, so if you have any ideas about possible new trails or existing trails that could be improved please contact us.


If you come across any issues while out riding, such as trees down on trails, let us know so we can get it sorted. Our preferred option is via TrailForks (you can post photos and it helps us geo-target the issue) or message us on social media. Also, please let us know about any hazards or accidents, on our hazards report

Please ride within your limits. Be aware that trails will change with weather and heavy use from race events affecting their difficulty. Rotorua Trails Trust and its partners, sponsors or advertisers will not be held responsible for any injury or damages arising from riding any of the trails. Riding the trails or any other route mentioned on this site is done so at your own risk. Please understand the grading system and choose trails within your skill range. If you are in doubt about your abilities on a particular section, get off your bike or horse and walk.