Rotorua Trails Trust

About The Trust


The Rotorua Trails Trust will work to enhance the value of existing trails by linking them together and improving them.
This includes better links with trails in the surrounding districts and with national networks. We will work with iwi and other landowners, Rotorua Lakes Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Department of Conservation, other government agencies, and recreational and environmental groups.

The Trust will be an advocate for new and better trails and new uses of trails. We will develop and manage trails and will seek funding, sponsorships and contracts to do so.


The Trustees

The Trust members are all volunteers and are continuing the work - and achievements - of the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club and trail builders over the last quarter century. The Club has already developed such a superb range and quality of trails in the Whakarewarewa forest as to make Rotorua the world’s best all-year-round mountain biking centre.
The Trust has accepted the challenge of extending these trails and improving the network.
Trust members are Grant Utteridge (chairman), Mike Gray (treasurer), Darren Ashmore, Catriona Gordon, Mat Hunt and Toby Stovold.

The Trust have developed a Strategic Plan.

View the 2019 Annual Report.


The staff
The trust hired a few lucky folks to help manage the trails. They are Damian Clarke, the Trails Manager, Casey King, Lance Tavinor and Jamie Walker who are trail builders and do trail maintenance, and Kris O’Driscoll is doing communications and administration. We of course, still have our trusty contractors, Ash Edwards and Mike the Moa, too.

RTT Team

The adoptees
The adoptees are an integral part of the trails. People have adopted specific trails and commit to maintaining it. Many of the adoptees spend hours in the forest digging, tidying and riding/running their trails.


The volunteers

The trails would not be what they are without the amazing community of volunteers. Many people, locals and visitors, come along for working bees and trail work.

Working bee volunteers

If you would like to participate in these working bees, watch our Facebook event page.

Please ride within your limits. Be aware that trails will change with weather and heavy use from race events affecting their difficulty. Rotorua Trails Trust and its partners, sponsors or advertisers will not be held responsible for any injury or damages arising from riding any of the trails. Riding the trails or any other route mentioned on this site is done so at your own risk. Please understand the grading system and choose trails within your skill range. If you are in doubt about your abilities on a particular section, get off your bike or horse and walk.