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The aim of the Rotorua Trails Trust is to develop a network of great multi-user trails across the splendid Rotorua district.


We want trails to provide thrills, recreation, exercise, scenic views; or just an interlude of tranquillity with nature.


As well as extending trails in the Rotorua District for mountain biking, the Trust will develop trails that are suitable for walkers, trampers, runners, cyclists, and horse riders. Some trails will be multipurpose; others primarily for one or other of these users.


You can help. If all the 400,000+ forest users each gave just $5... well, that's a lot of trail building and maintenance.

Make a difference, join and donate today. 












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Please ride within your limits. Be aware that trails will change with weather and heavy use from race events affecting their difficulty. Rotorua Trails Trust and its partners, sponsors or advertisers will not be held responsible for any injury or damages arising from riding any of the trails. Riding the trails or any other route mentioned on this site is done so at your own risk. Please understand the grading system and choose trails within your skill range. If you are in doubt about your abilities on a particular section, get off your bike or horse and walk.